Anchorage Vendor List

  • Here is our Anchorage Vendor List! We will update this list frequently with new, approved Raven vendors. If you don't see a vendor on this list and you believe they should be on it, please let us know!

PreK Curriculum Options

  • The preschool allotment is $250 for students who turn 4 by Sept 1 and have a full-time older sibling enrolled with Raven. This list has information about good options for Math and LA curriculums to choose from. The allotment is intended for curriculum to help students be ready for kindergarten the next year and cannot be used for extracurricular activities.

2019-2020 Forms

  • The following forms are some of the most frequently used ones. Please let us know if we missed adding any!


    Pre-Approval for Lessons/Tutoring form: This form must be completed and signed by an advisory teacher before starting any instruction or lessons!

    Pre-Approval for Reimbursements: This form must be completed and signed by an advisory teacher before purchases are made!

    Reimbursements: There is a minimum of $50 for this form to be processed. Be mindful of reimbursement deadlines! All first semester (July-December) reimbursements must be turned in no later than January 31st, all second semester (January-April) reimbursements must be turned in no later than April 30th. Please see these Reimbursement Instructions for more details! 

    Progress Reports: Progress reports are due 4 times/year.