• Curriculum Swap is a designated forum for gifting gently used curriculum to other Raven families.  The curriculum posted here will all be for free. All exchanges will take place through the Raven office. You will drop off any items you are gifting or pick up any items you have been gifted at the office. This is a public forum and can be seen by people outside of Raven. To see the listed items, please click on the comments link below.
    Gifting Steps:
    1. Send email to with the curriculum you wish to gift. Any descriptions will be helpful!
    2. The curriculum will be listed here until it has been requested.
    3. You will be sent an email once your item has been requested and then you can drop it by the Raven office.
    3. Drop it at the Raven office, the post will be removed at that point.
    Requesting Steps:
    1. When you see a post for curriculum you need, send an email to to request the curriculum.
    2. Once requested the post will be removed and you will be sent a date to pick up at the Raven office.
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