• Raven Homeschool is a public school - there is no cost to you for our services!

    Each Raven student is provided an allotment based on the number of courses taken through Raven. Families have the freedom to choose what to purchase with their child’s allotment. Items such as curriculum, materials, school supplies, lessons and tutoring, and extracurricular activities (e.g. music or dance lessons) and more is how the allotment is used to support your child’s education. We also offer computer options and stipends for the purchase of internet service for students.  

    Additionally, if a preschool child has an older sibling enrolled with Raven, there is funding available for early reading and math support. The PreK allotment for 2023- 2024 is $300. 

    Contact your nearest Raven office today to learn more about the financial support available for your child’s homeschooling needs. 

    The official fiscal year and academic year begin July 1. To be eligible for full funding, a student must enroll prior to the first day of the fall count period, which begins the first week of October. Verified students are then eligible for allotments per the table below.

    Student Account Funding