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Alaska Digital School Library

Did you know that YKSD is now offering free eBooks and audiobooks to students, faculty and staff? Our digital collection is available 24/7 and all you need to get started is an internet connection and your Raven Homeschool email address. Check it out at:

Our digital library connects students with a collection of reading materials to supplement their studies, as well as offering the kind of titles they would find in a public library for pleasure reading. There is a great opportunity to expand our collection with required reading and recommended titles that are used in classes. From classic literature to modern non-fiction, there is a wide variety of books available and we need your help and guidance to add new content to the site and build the best digital library resources.

Digital books are compatible with smart phones, tablets, eReaders and computers. Titles can be read right in the internet browser or downloaded using the free OverDrive app. At the end of the lending period, titles automatically expire so there are never any late fees.

Please contact your local Raven office with questions and with any suggested titles you’d like to see added to the collection. If your student needs an email account set up with Raven, your local office will be your point of contact as well.