BookShark Homeschool Curriculum

BookShark is a literature-based curriculum. This engaging program offers resources and literature that will challenge students as they learn from a variety of viewpoints. BookShark students are exposed to a wide array of many of the best books ever written. From timeless classics to many titles that earned the prestigious Newbery Award, students will read a shelf full of books each year. BookShark is comprehensive and fully planned. Proprietary Instructor Guides for Reading with History, Language Arts and Science guide students through the school year with weekly schedules and daily lesson plans. Science packages include supply kits with all components necessary to complete science experiments. Language Arts programs include weekly overviews in addition to daily lesson plans, teacher scripts, and rubrics. The prep work is done before you start each day.

Bookshark is book-based learning at its best.

Course Discipline: 
  • History / Social Studies
  • Reading / Writing
  • Science
Grade Levels: 
  • All Grades